Ribble Life Together- learn about the partnership, the projects and the Catchment!

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Ribble Life Together is an ambitious project bringing together a host of organisations to deliver activities that will significantly improve the Ribble Catchment for residents, visitors and wildlife.

The project has researched and developed a range of river improvement projects and people-focused activities. Our data and evidence has helped us to carefully select the sites and solutions that will have the greatest possible positive environmental, social or economic impact.

From April 2017 we will be putting this research in to practise. During this time we will undertaking a range of projects with activities including the creation of woodlands and wetlands, removing and modifying weirs and increasing habitat connectivity.

The Ribble Life Together project will also work to improve access and recreation opportunities and increase people’s knowledge and understanding of their local river’s natural, social and cultural heritage.

Our big idea it to…

  • Improve  the condition of the river and tributaries
  • Develop  knowledge among communities & visitors
  • Educate  people about river heritage and ecology
  • Advance  the way the catchment is managed

    The Ribble Life Together partner and funder logos

    The Ribble Life Together Partners and Funders