New trailers to help with community engagement

The Ribble Rivers Trust are delighted to have two new engagement trailers which have been purchased and specially wrapped thanks to the Ribble Life Together project and funding from the Greggs Community Challenge Fund.

These trailers will enable the Trust to transport tools and equipment to volunteer events and will be used as an educational tool. The trailers will also act as an eye catching, moving advertisement for the Trust and its work.

Our education trailer- complete with the illustrations of Sabden Primary School

The trailers were purchased without the livery, but as part of our Trout in the Classroom programme, the children of Sabden Primary school produced some fantastic art work featuring some of the Ribble Catchments famous landmarks.

This art work has been overlaid onto a map of the catchment to produce a wonderful illustrated map which has been used to decorate the education trailer. This will be shown to children across the catchment when we visit schools and take children on educational trips.

The new volunteer trailer

The second trailer has been decorated with a scenic picture of the Catchment. It will be used to transport and store the array of equipment the Trust needs to carry out the many and varied physical works our volunteers help with. The funding from the Community Challenge Fund also helped us to provide volunteer training and events, to improve public footpath infrastructure on river walks, engage new people in recording river data to inform catchment management, support work experience placements, and allow staff and volunteers to engage and educate local communities about the importance of our rivers.

Tracy Lynch Greggs Foundation manager commented “We are delighted to be working with The Rivers Trust and have seen some great initiatives to engage local communities to volunteer and get involved in improving their local environment, none more so than Ribble Rivers Trust engagement trailer.  Greggs Foundation has supported the Community Challenge Fund set up by The Rivers Trust through its carrier bag charge, funding has been awarded to environmental river projects in communities across England, Wales and Scotland.”

The Community Challenge Fund was set up by the Greggs Foundation to support the delivery of environmental education projects for local communities around rivers. The Ribble Life Together is just one of six projects to be awarded the funding in England.

Look out for our trailers on the road!

The newly liveried trailers