Bat walks and workshops

Children discovered more about bats and made bat boxes during one of our workshops this half-term

This autumn we’ve been talking about bats! As part of our engagement activities we have run two bat walks along the river side next to our office, both of which were fully booked. In total the walks attracted 39 adults and children, many of whom have never been to a Ribble Trust event before. The weather was fine to us on both nights and the bats were out in force. There really was an abundance of bats!

There has also been a half term bat box workshop. This gave the 27 children that attended the opportunity to learn about bats and rivers and make bat boxes, bat badges and origami bats. Plus the parents seemed to enjoy it as much as the children.

One of the bat boxes the children created and decorated

The activities have been organised with the help of Pat from Ecology Services UK Ltd, who is a local bat expert. Pat’s passion for bats has really helped us to engage with the adults and children taking part in the activities.

Together we’ve helped a whole new audience learn more about the types of bats that we get in the UK. They’ve also discovered background information about bats, and why rivers (particularly tree-lined rivers) are important habitat for bats.