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The Ribble Catchment is a beautiful area which covers 860 square miles of varied and ever changing landscapes. These range from the peaceful, rural beauty of the Yorkshire Dales to the bustling, action packed urban areas of Lancashire.  Despite appearing predominantly rural, the catchment has a wealth of industrial history and heritage to explore and discover.

One of the aims of the Ribble Life Together project is to make the catchment more accessible by creating new and innovative ways to learn about the local environment and it’s rich heritage.


Some activities include the production of short films, photography and photo sharing, and the creation of our new interactive  catchment explorer tool!


Our  360° photos and films  enable people to see the catchment from a totally different perspective!



The  interactive catchment explorer webpag is a great way to discover more about the Ribble catchment and its sub-catchments.




Photography is an excellent way to showcase the beauty of the Ribble! Our  website gallery shows a selection of the photos uploaded to out Flickr account.



Throughout the Ribble Life Together project we will continue creating new and exciting videos, all the Ribble Rivers Trust’s current videos can be viewed on our  videos webpage.