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Increasing accessibility and encouraging recreation in the catchment is just one of the many goals the Ribble Life Together Project hopes to achieve. By increasing people’s knowledge of the catchment, making the catchment more accessible, and helping to raise awareness of the ways you can enjoy the area we hope to improve peoples attitudes to rivers.

Some of our planned activities include the  creation of new, accessible circular walks for users of all ages and abilities. The project will also enable us to create pieces of sensory art in key areas of the catchment and to record a series of audio guides, podcasts, and oral history documentaries. Additionally our photo geocaching project will provide a virtual treasure hunt around the catchment encouraging the discovery of some of the areas hidden gems!

These activities will be linked together with our interactive guides and tools in a variety of mediums that will help people explore and learn about the catchment.


The project is enabling the development of 15 new circular walks, plus accompanying guides. Visit the circular walks page for more information.




There are over 160,000 geocaches in the UK and hundreds already existing within the Ribble Catchment, find out how we are building on this here.




Find out more about how we are connecting with a range of people from different backgrounds and communities through Sensory Art.




Talking Rivers is a collection of recordings including audio guides, oral history, and podcasts, which aim to share the fascinating heritage and history.