Fish Pass Fact File: Cow Hey

River: Cow Hey Brook

Length connected: 6.2 km

Area connected: 1.5 Ha

Completed: June 2018

Contractor: Bailey Contracts Ltd

Cow Hey Weir before and after photograph.

Cow Hey Weir was a weir on Cow Hey Brook, near its confluence with Bashall Brook in the historic Forest of Bowland. This weir was built to provide water for a mill which was once located downstream of the weir, next to the brook. There is now little evidence of this mill, with even the mill race having almost completely disappeared.

This weir is located come distance away from any other houses or infrastructure, which made it an ideal spot for a full weir removal. In place of the weir a rock ramp easement was constructed. This will ensure that fish can move up Bashall Brook unhindered and will return the Brook to a more natural state in terms of river hydrogeomorphology whilst limiting lateral erosion and scour.