Fish Pass Fact File: Dean Brook

River: Dean Brook

Length connected: 1.6 km

Area connected: 0.5 Ha

Completed: June 2018

Contractor: Bailey Contracts Ltd

Dean Brook Weir before and after photograph.

Dean Brook Weir is a complex stone and concrete weir at the foot of Dean Brook near its confluence with the River Calder.  The original purpose of the weir is not known, although it may have been created in an attempt to protect surrounding land from flooding from the main river. However, it was in a state of disrepair and was preventing the upstream migration of species such as trout and salmon.

Studies showed that it would be feasible to remove the weir, but there was a potential risk to nearby fields and properties, so a rock ramp was created instead. By making this weir passable over 2 kilometres  of habitat have been opened up to migratory fish, and the risk of erosion to the surrounding brook banks has been reduced.