Fish Pass Fact File: Old Laund

River: Old Laund Clough

Length connected: 3.5 km

Area connected: 0.1 Ha

Completed: June 2018

Contractor: Bailey Contracts Ltd

Old Laund Weir before and after photograph.

Old Laund Clough is a potentially valuable nursery stream, particularly for salmonids. However, a 1.5m weir was blocking fish migration. The weir is part of the historic Old Laund Hall Farm, and it is thought that the weir was created in the early 1900s to supply water to a local mill, although no direct link to any mill can be found.

The weir is also next to a well-used public footpath, close to the Pendle Way and the Old Laund Booth circular walk.

Removal wasn’t possible as the weir supported the upstream man-made channel, so a rock ramp was created, enabling fish migration and supporting the upstream channel, and existing structures. Natural rock was used to create a close-to-nature cascade feature is in keeping with the surroundings.