High Head woodland to be expanded and improved. UPDATE- COMPLETE

High Head Wood will lie next to Leagram Brook, one of the tributaries of the River Loud in the River Hodder sub-catchment. This part of the catchment suffers significant impacts from agricultural diffuse pollution, with sediment and faecal matter being particular problems.

As part of this scheme a total 400m of fencing will be erected and 2,000 native trees will be planted. The woodland which is being created here will join onto the existing High Head Wood which currently lies within an area of improved grassland. The additional planting will join onto this woodland and create a corridor of trees along Leagram Brook.

This will improve existing habitats and create new habitats for invertebrates, birds, mammals, and, of course, fish. The trees will also throw shade over the brook to keep the water cool which is vital for many species of fish. Additionally, the existing woodland habitat will be improved by increasing it’s area, species diversity, and by connecting the woodland to new areas.

This scheme will also help to reduce the amount of diffuse pollution entering the river here. The fencing will prevent livestock from reaching the river and the trees will slow the rate at which surface run off enters the river, in turn reducing the amount of sediment reaching the water course. Further to this the trees themselves will act as a filter, preventing these some of the pollution from entering the water.