Mission: River Protect

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On this page, we will be thinking about all the things we can do from home to help protect rivers and river habitats.

Investigate the three pillars of river health below. Think about which actions you already do and which ones you would like to do.





Action Plan: what  is your one amazing thing?

Choose one thing that you are going to do to help protect your local river. This can be something from the lists above or something that you think of yourself.

  • How  will you do it?
  • How will it help  your river?
  • When  will you do it?
  • How could you  tell people  about your one amazing thing?
  • Who  will you tell?
  • What resources  will you need to make it happen?

When you have thought about your answers to the points above, you could fill in your own Action Plan using the template below. Click on the image to open and print:

Water Friendly Homes

Read the Water Friendly Homes Guide below then have a go at the Vortex sorting game to test your knowledge of good practice at home.

Vortex sorting game