The Wild Brown Trout

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On this page, you will find out everything you need to know about the Brown Trout, which is what you are raising in your classroom right now! To start off, here is a fact file with information about this freshwater fish (click on the image to open as a pdf):

Click on the image below to open the Brown Trout Book and read all about the life of a Wild Brown Trout.


After reading the Brown Trout fact file and the Brown Trout Book, can you do some research to write your own fact file about another creature mentioned in the book?

Can you find out any other interesting facts about Brown Trout?






Read about the life cycle of the Wild Brown Trout below (you can click on the image to open as a pdf then save it to your computer):

Once you have read all about the Brown Trout’s life cycle, have a go at the crossword below:

Wild Brown Trout Facts

  1. The average female brown trout produces 2,000 eggs per kg of body weight! So, a 1kg trout will lay 2,000 eggs, and a 2kg trout will lay 4,000.
  2. Brown trout can reach the ripe old age of 20 years.
  3. Brown trout eggs need a constant supply of cold, clean and well oxygenated water.
  4. Most trout die before their first birthday. Only about 5% survive to be a year old but, after that, they have a much better chance of survival (40-60%).
  5.  Trout can change colour quickly. They get darker when being aggressive or can change colour if their background changes.
  6. Trout do not have scales for the first month of their life.
  7.  Trout have teeth on the roof of their mouth.