Old Laund weir

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Old Laund Weir is located on Old Laund Clough, a tributary of Pendle Water.  The waters above the weir have been identified as a potentially valuable nursery stream for salmonids. However, the 1.5m high, stepped stone and concrete weir is preventing the fish from migrating to this area to spawn.

The weir was probably constructed some time between 1910 and 1929. It is thought that the weir originally supplied water to one of the many mills in the area. However, no direct link to any of the mills can be found. The weir is part of Old Laund Hall Farm, a historic building, so it is possible that the other potential alternative purpose of the weir was to create a ford on the farm.

A rock ramp fish passage was deemed to be the most appropriate option for enabling fish passage at this weir. The weir helps to support the upstream constructed channel and so cannot be removed. A rock ramp will help to enable fish migration, preserve and support the existing structures,  and prevent further erosion.