River Picnic

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Welcome to the twentieth instalment of our home learning resources. The two activities on offer this week are the third challenge in our summer challenge booklet and some colouring in. The Wildlife Fact file this week is all about an insect of which there are more than 5,000 species around the world – the dragonfly.

We have introduced these online learning opportunities in response to Covid-19, which has prevented us from going into schools in the Ribble Catchment as we normally would. This is our way of bringing our educational topics to you at home so you can continue to learn all about rivers and wildlife.


The third challenge in our summer challenge is a river picnic! Find some nice weather, pack your favourite picnic foods and head down to a river with your family. Maybe you could play ‘I Spy’ while you eat – look for as many things as you can on, in or by the river and challenge your family to guess.

Download the full Six Summer Challenges booklet by clicking on the cover page below:

For our colouring in activity, we have a collection of drawing of 18 different species that you might see around our rivers in the Ribble catchment. Click on the link below to have a look through all the drawings and choose the ones you’d like to colour in. You can download the pictures to print and colour or add colour using your phone, tablet or computer.

Click here for river species drawings

Maybe you’d like to try drawing your own river species and colouring that in?

If you’d like to share them, please send us photos of your picnics and colouring to admin@ribbletrust.com

Wildlife Fact file

This week’s Wildlife Fact file is about the Dragonfly. Read the fact file below or click to open the pdf.