Sensory Art

Art is a great way to engage with people in a creative, alternative way and provides new opportunities for us to work with communities and families who we may not reach through other, more traditional channels.

The Ribble Life Together project will enable us to create six pieces of sensory art and deliver six community arts projects.

Our sensory art works will take a variety of forms including sculpture, soundscapes, murals and mosaics. Fourteen possible locations have been shortlisted, all chosen for their significance, for example the source of the Ribble, major tributaries or locations where other significant projects have taken place. The art works will all be accompanied by an interactive guide featuring QR codes and other technology with large text and audio versions of the guide also being being published.

As part of our development phase we’ve already delivered a trial art project in partnership with Ribble Valley Borough Council and the Environment Agency focusing on rivers and floods following the winter floods of 2015-2016. The project enabled us to engage with over 200 people including pupils from Whalley Primary School, their family members, farmers, business owners and many other members of the community.

The details for the community art projects have to be decided but we’ve had some exciting suggestions including music, spoken word, interactive theatre projects and a mini arts festival- so watch this space!

More information coming soon!