Miss Spellbound’s River Stories

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Miss Spellbound has been taking children in the Ribble Catchment on story telling adventures with Fable Arts in association with the Ribble Rivers Trust.

Miss Spellbound never goes anywhere without her suitcase. Battered and torn, it’s almost full to bursting with the scraps of stories she’s collected on her travels. Sit with her awhile as she waits for the next bus to Ribblehead and find out what it takes to make a story worth storing in Miss Spellbound’s suitcase.

Miss Spellbound’s Suitcase Stories  provides children age 4 – 9 with the opportunity to create, compose and perform their own original story through performance, oral and visual means using a uniquely designed stimulus which:

  • stimulates communication skills
  • develops a child’s confidence and self esteem
  • provides opportunities for creative self-expression
  • encourages thinking and cognitive skills
  • explores a range of literacy concepts in an imaginative and enjoyable way

Guided by Miss Spellbound, the mysterious Keeper of Stories, children are taken on a magical story adventure. Ingredients found in Miss Spellbound’s suitcase are used to help them create characters and a river themed narrative, helping them find out what it takes to make a story into a great story.