Tosside Weir Removal

Tosside Weir.

Tosside Weir is a small weir which runs under a road crossing over Tosside Beck. The main weir is 4m upstream of the bridge and has a head height of 0.6m and a width of 3m. There is also a smaller step which is downstream of the bridge. Although the smaller, downstream weir is passable the larger, upstream weir poses a barrier to fish migration.

This is the last remaining barrier to fish migration on Tosside weir, the habitat above the weir is of a good quality. Although we do not regularly electrofish upstream of this weir, we do survey below and the results show that there is a population of brown trout below the weir, with salmon also present further downstream. Other then this bullhead are the only species found to be present at the site, although the stream does support eels, loach, and minnow. It is hoped that by removing the weir we will encourage fish to move upstream and hopefully thrive

The weir itself will be remodelled into a combination of an embedded rock ramp on the upstream weir and a loose fill rock ramp on the lower weir. Modelling showed this to be the safest option when considering a combination of flood risk, the bridge, and the road which runs parallel to the beck.

Work on Tosside weir is due to start later this summer, and it is hoped that next years electrofishing will show that fish have made their way upstream.