Tosside woodland nearing completion UPDATE: COMPLETE!

Despite some adverse weather conditions, the tree planting at Beckfoot is now complete!

We’d like to give all our volunteers, as well as students from Edisford primary school and the volunteers from FatFace, Environment Agency, and United Utilities a massive thank you.

We couldn’t have done it without you!

Our latest woodland project is underway close to Bond Beck, a tributary of Skirden Beck, which flows into the River Ribble. However,the topography of the Skirden catchment means that Skirden Beck is highly responsive to rainfall with flash flooding being a significant issue.

Four hectares of woodland have been planted which are made up of 7,000 native trees, the woodland has been designed to connect smaller areas of existing woodland. The species that are being planted include oak, rowan, birch, field maple and wild cherry.

The trees will help to slow the flow of rainfall run off into the Beck and will help to reduce flood peaks. Additionally this will help to protect the salmon and trout eggs here, which often get washed away by the fast flowing water.

The woodland has been planted with the help of our volunteers who have helped despite some adverse weather conditions! To find out more about volunteering visit our volunteering page.