Tree planting at Lower Agden to reduce flood risk in Skirden catchment UPDATE: COMPLETE!

Lower Agden is another of our planting schemes which falls within the Skirden sub-catchment. Like both Beckfoot and Varleys Farm, Lower Agden has been identified as a location where woodland creation could potentially reduce flood risk and connect habitat.

The area that has been selected for woodland creation is close to Hen Gill Beck, which runs into Monubent Beck before joining Skirden Beck. Lower Agden is only 100m from the Forest of Bowland AONB and contains a relatively wide range of plant species alongside some mature native trees. This unique location and the existing species have been considered to ensure the habitats and connected, and existing species will continue to thrive.

One of the main reason for planting in this area is to try and mitigate flood risk for the benefit of people and wildlife. The land here is subject to periods of heavy rain which runs rapidly across the grassland into the local becks and rivers, causing an almost instant rise in river levels.

Planting trees here will slow the flow of water by breaking up compacted soil and increasing it’s water carrying capacity, causing it to act like a sponge. The land will collect rainfall, then release it slowly, reducing the amount of water reaching the rivers at any one time.

Lower Agden will also be the site of a new wetland. This will be located adjacent to the woodland which will further reduce this flood risk and provide new habitat for a range of species. As the site features a number of public footpaths interpretation panels will be installed. These will be carefully designed to help to explain how this work is beneficial for the residents of the catchment- human and animal!