River Microsafari

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This is the first week of the Ribble Rivers Trust Summer Challenges. In this post we will show you how to carry out your own microsafari, which is the first activity in our challenge booklet, using a net and bucket or by looking under stones in the river. We’ve also given you some images of river invertebrates and an ID guide so you can test your ID skills. The Wildlife Fact file this week is the Atlantic salmon.

We have introduced these online learning opportunities in response to Covid-19, which has prevented us from going into schools in the Ribble Catchment as we normally would. This is our way of bringing our educational topics to you at home so you can continue to learn all about rivers and wildlife.

You can find the Summer Challenges booklet here: ribblelifetogether.org/summer-2020-challenges/



Invertebrate ID

Use the River Invertebrate Identification Tree (click on the tree to open as a pdf) to ID the invertebrate images below. Being able to identify the different species found in our rivers can be tricky but is a very good skill to have!


Wildlife Fact file

This week’s Wildlife Fact file is about the Atlantic salmon. Read the fact file below or click to open the pdf.