Week Nine

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This is the ninth group of resources for our home learning series, to tell you all about reducing the amount of water you use in your home, along with a Wildlife Fact file on the brown trout. Have you ever taken part in our Trout in the Classroom project at school? The brown trout relies on the water in rivers for its home, so by saving water in your home you can help the brown trout to thrive.

We have introduced these online learning opportunities in response to Covid-19, which has prevented us from going into schools in the Ribble Catchment as we normally would. This is our way of bringing our educational topics to you at home so you can continue to learn all about rivers and wildlife. Each week we will be providing a new main topic, a Wildlife Fact file and a quiz.

This resource is all saving water – why it is important and what small changes you can make in your everyday life to help.

To find out more about saving water, visit the Water Wise website: waterwise.org.uk

This week’s Wildlife Fact file is important to us at Ribble Rivers Trust, it is all about the brown trout. Read the fact file below or click to open the pdf.

To find out more about the brown trout life cycle, follow this link: wildtrout.org

For any more advanced students (AS/A-level), we have created an extra resource to explain exactly how fish use their gills to enable them to breathe underwater. If you are interested in this, see below or click on the image to open as a pdf.


  1. What colour is the brown trout?
    1. Pink-purple
    2. Golden-brown
    3. Green-blue
    4. Red-blue
  1. How much water does the average person in the UK use per day?
    1. 58 litres
    2. 24 litres
    3. 91 litres
    4. 141 litres
  1. What are young trout called?
    1. Little fish
    2. Small fins
    3. Fry
    4. Dots
  1. How do you benefit the environment by using less water in your home?
    1. It leaves enough water for the plants and animals that rely on it
    2. It stops animals coming into your house
    3. By making it rain less
    4. By growing plants inside
  1. When do brown trout spawn?
    1. All year round
    2. January – March
    3. March – May
    4. September – November
  1. If you have a bath, what could you do to save water?
    1. Fill the bath to full capacity
    2. Try to have a bath in under 4 minutes
    3. Fill the bath an inch lower than usual
    4. Stay in the bath as long as possible
  1. What do brown trout eat?
    1. Insects and small fish
    2. Big fish and small mammals
    3. Insects and algae
    4. Mayflies only
  1. What could you use to save water in your garden?
    1. Sprinkler
    2. Hose
    3. Watering can
    4. All of these answers
  1. Sea trout and brown trout are the same species
    1. True
    2. False
  1. What is a good way to reduce the water and carbon footprint of your food?
    1. Buy locally-produced food
    2. Only buy exotic fruits
    3. Drink less water
    4. Use public transport

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