River Treasure Hunt and Waterscope

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This is the nineteenth week of resources and the second week of the Ribble Rivers Trust Summer Challenges. In this post we will show you how our river treasure hunt went and how to make your very own waterscope – maybe you could use this to find extra river treasures! Make sure you look at the Summer Challenges booklet to find the river treasure hunt list, you can find it here: ribblelifetogether.org/summer-2020-challenges

We have introduced these online learning opportunities in response to Covid-19, which has prevented us from going into schools in the Ribble Catchment as we normally would. This is our way of bringing our educational topics to you at home so you can continue to learn all about rivers and wildlife.


River treasure hunt

Use the treasure hunt list from the Summer Challenges booklet and see how many river treasures you can find. Remember to look up as well as down, and that some treasures might only be found if you sit quietly and watch for a little while.

Make a waterscope

Watch this video to learn how to make your very own waterscope for investigating below the surface of the water in a river. Remember that the taller the yoghurt pot, water bottler or other container type, the deeper into the river you will be able to use your scope.

Let us know how you find these two activities by emailing us at [email protected]. If you’d like to share any photos or videos of you completing them, please do email them to us as well!

Wildlife Fact file

This week’s Wildlife Fact file is about the Great crested newt. Read the fact file below or click to open the pdf.