Week One

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Hello and welcome to the first week of our Home Learning series. We have introduced these online learning opportunities in response to Covid-19, which has prevented us from going into schools in the  Catchment as we normally would. This is our way of bringing our educational topics to you at home so you can continue to learn all about rivers and wildlife. Each week we will be providing a new main topic, a  Wildlife  Fact file and a quiz.

Kicking off week one, our first topic is Introduction to Rivers. Through completing this  Prezi,  you should be able to explain how rivers are formed, be able to describe and discuss some of the key features of rivers, and explain why rivers are so important.

Our Wildlife Factfile of the week is all about the Dipper. Read the factfile below or click on it to open as a pdf.



Test your knowledge with a quiz! If you are not sure on some of the answers, go back through the resources to refresh your memory.

  1. What colour is the dipper?
    1. Mustard yellow
    2. Tomato red
    3. Chocolate brown
    4. Bright blue
  1. What is the name for where a river begins?
    1. Mouth
    2. Source
    3. Cave
    4. Spring
  1. Which of these is NOT a reason why rivers are important?
    1. Ecosystem services
    2. Water cycle
    3. Wildlife habitats
    4. Swimming
  1. What do dippers eat?
    1. Flying insects
    2. Aquatic insects
    3. Spotty insects
    4. Ants
  1. What is the bend in a river called?
    1. Curve
    2. Wander
    3. Meander
    4. Dawdle
  1. How do dippers see their prey underwater?
    1. They wear goggles
    2. They have a third, transparent eyelid
    3. They are very good at smelling prey
    4. They have really good hearing
  1. Which of these is NOT a main tributary of the River Ribble?
    1. River Darwen
    2. River Hodder
    3. River Dee
    4. River Calder
  1. Which is the longest river in Britain?
    1. River Severn
    2. River Ribble
    3. River Thames
    4. River Clyde
  1. What are floodplains NOT good for?
    1. Protecting wildlife
    2. Controlling flooding
    3. Building houses on
    4. Controlling erosion
  1. What is a confluence?
    1. An important meeting about rivers
    2. Where two rivers meet
    3. A crescent-shaped lake cause by a river changing it course
    4. A river that feeds into another river

Click here to see the answers.