Woodlands new test

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Healthy functioning woodlands, particularly riverside woodlands, are one of the main parts of the river ecosystem. A healthy woodland can have huge benefits for rivers including intercepting rainfall and slowing the rate in which it reaches rivers, which helps reduce flood risk. tree roots also bind soil to help prevent soil erosion, and river bank erosion. Both of these processes also help to prvent pollution reaching our rivers too.

Woodlands are also a valuable habitat for those living in and our of water. Our woodlands are home to many birds and mammals, and the roots of riverside trees make great hiding places for a number of fish species. The tree canopies also provide shade for rivers, keeping them nice and cool, and provide corridors for insects which themselves attract birds, fish, and even bats.

Our woodland sites are monitored before and after using fixed-point photography and monitoring water temperature, invertebrates, soil compaction, and food webs. This helps us to see the positive effects out work has on the sites.