Work commences on Dunkenhalgh Weir

Ribble Rivers Trust are pleased to announce that work has started on Dunkenhalgh Weir.

Digger beginning to prepare the bank to install the pool and traverse fish pass.

Dunkenhalgh Weir is a large concave, vertical stone-built weir that lies on Hyndburn Brook. As with all weirs Dunkenhalgh is posing a barrier to the migration of fish.

The weir is close to a public footpath and easily accessible through pasture fields, making it a popular recreation spot for walking, swimming, and picnicking. On the other side of the weir is a disused industrial site. This is the site of Holt Corn Mill, and it is thought that the weir once provided water for this mill to help power the machines. More recently the weir provided water for the Rishton Paper Mill.

Our pool and traverse fish pass will be constructed along the right-hand corner of the weir. This will provide the duel benefit of making the weir passable to fish and reinforcing the structure as there is some erosion damage in this area.

As the site is so well used consideration has been given to public safety and aesthetics and the opportunity will be taken to include additional public engagement features, such as interpretation boards.

Dunkenhalgh Weir.